10 December 2011

Corned Beef Hash

(pic taken before it went into oven)
This is my Mums corned beef hash as we dont like the traditional one...
Its simple easy and cheap and is proper comfort food.

2 x tins corned beef...Princess is the best
1 large onion
teaspoon thyme
1 small tin tomato puree or more if you need it...do it by taste

Gently fry off the onions till translucent, then chop the corned beef into small pieces and add to the onions and cook gently till the corned beef cooks down to a thick mixture, season to taste with pepper dont add salt...this is the time you can add more puree, it should taste fresh and tomatoe'y.

Put into a pyrex dish and top with mashed potatoe and cheese...this can me made in the morning and put into the oven 180 degress till cooked. Cook as you would a cottage pie.

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