25 September 2012

Jammie Dodgers

Very simple recipe

300gr plain flour
100gr icing sugar
250gr soft butter
plus any flavouring you want...i used vanilla

mix all together to a soft dough and place in fridge for 30mins
roll out to thickness of cookie you would like (on a floured board), cut out into shapes and put on baking tray and back in fridge for 30mins, this way they hold their shape. Place in oven on 160 fan/180 electric for 12-15mins.

Tip: if you have trouble rolling out due to the dough sticking to the rolling pin, lay a large sheet of baking/parchment paper on your dough then roll out on the floured board.

You can also cut into shapes and freeze for upto a month then bake them as you need them after they have thawed out

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