13 June 2011

CC's & Cakepops

Just made these cupcakes with cake pops which are really easy. To make the cake pops buy a vanilla or chocolate cake or make one but why bother, crumble it up into a bowl so its like breadcrumbs. Make some buttercream, not too much, and add to the crumbs and mix it till its like a thick gooey paste. Make into balls, smaller than a golf ball, and place on a tray and put into fridge for minimum 2hrs but overnight is good.
Melt some chocolate, take a lolly stick and dip end into chocolate then into the ball about half way in then dip into melted choc spinning the ball the get rid of excess, dip into sprinkles and let dry..ta da...done.
I use florists foam to stick mine into to dry.
For adult ones you can add alcohol to the cake crumbs then add the buttercream....Tia Maria is nice :)


  1. I'm definitely going to make these! Thanks!

  2. Hiya...they are a bit of a pain to do, but worth it...lol